Viral Crypto is a donation program that was launched on September 2016. It is a new system, but it can achieve many members in a short time. According to the report, this program will reach 1000 members. It means that there are many people who want to join this program.

Viral Crypto is available globally. Wherever you are, you can join Viral Crypto as long as you have internet connection and Bitcoin wallet. You should also have willingness to donate each month to get donation. You will get donation from the other people that you invite. It seems that Viral Crypto gives a good prospect to earn money. Is Viral Crypto a scam or legit company? You should gather much information to get the answer.

There is only little information about the founder and the people who runs the site. Mr. Taylor is the only one name that is considered as the name of the owner. As stated by the site, Mr. Taylor is an online entrepreneur. Mr. Taylor is from Italy. There is big possibility that Viral Crypto is run from Italy. But, the report stated that almost half of the traffic is appearing from India. But, there is no clear information about the address where the office of Viral Crypto is located.


Once you have recruited, you should recruit 2 people directly under you. After getting two people, you can place other people under your first line. You are paid by getting the people you recruit to donate their money to you. If you have filled the 62 positions, you can stop or sign up again all members using different account. Viral Crypto site permits you to make several accounts but they should not be linked to the similar account. You are paid one time a month in a sum of all the members under you.

There are five levels in Viral Crypto. For the level 1, you should pay 03263 BTC for someone who recruited you. You should get two members, and each of them will give you 03263 BTC. At the level 5, you should pay 3 BTC. You will get 3 BTC from 32 members.

When scrolling the Viral Crypto page, you may notice that it still lacks of English. You can also find several words that must be capitalized but they are not. There are several sentences that make no common sense of grammatically speaking.

Considering the product, there is no product that is sold on the site. This program has no product. You just need to pay your upper member and you will be paid by your below member. It is still not clear whether Viral Crypto is a scam or legit.

Viral Crypto does not provide refunds. The system is only about giving and receiving donations. Actually, it has no a business plan. The money for the transactions is not the real money. The real money should be turned into bitcoins. The difference of this site and other gift-giving sites is you can sign up more than one account. Though Viral Crypto is claimed as a non-profit organization, there is a possibility that this organization gets something from the members who are signed up.