Things To Consider When Choosing MLM Companies

How To Choose MLM Company

Just recently we went over a newer trending company called Viral Crypto and today we want to focus more on choosing an MLM as a whole.

Here at Kao Christian we like to dabble in religion and helping people make money to have a fuller life. So lets star with some history.

In 1979, there were far fewer network marketing companies than today. People did not search for the right business. But, today, to get high level of success in network marketing, you should choose a right company.

There are more than 3,000 MLM companies. Finding the right one is daunting. In the past, people joined into a network marketing because a family member, friend, or co-worker. Unfortunately that was not the right company. Today, you can do research and find the best company for you.

Here is a great list of MLM Companies that Wikipedia has put together:

Selecting the right company may not guarantee success, but it can increase your odds. Eventually, a success in network marketing is established by what you do. It is about building a network and people who are buying the products or services that you are selling.

Something we like to look at are trending companies. They are easier to build but sometimes short lived. We recently looked at a Global Affiliate Zone Review and found it to be pretty solid.

We hope to do a full review on GAZ soon.

Now back to business. Your job is not hard. You just need to give information about your business, make the sale, answer the questions, sponsor, follow-up, support, and train.

Enthusiasm and excitement will make your tasks more enjoyable and much easier. You can maintain the excitement if you are working with a company that you really believe in.

Certainly, you want the MLM companies that can provide you and your family good financial for many years to come. How to choose the right company? These are the key factors that should be considered:
Research the company.

By researching the company, you will get much information about the company. You should know how long has the company been in business. If you find that the company is less than two years old, the possibility of failure is pretty high. Do not forget to learn the management team.

You should see whether it has a solid unit of people in managing successful network marketing companies. You can search in internet to check if the company has lawsuits or outstanding complaints. If you find that the company is solid, you can continue to check the next factor.

Get a product or service that you like.

You should also consider the product or service will be in high demand for many years to come. It is better for you to choose MLM companies with consumable product or service and people must reorder each month.

You can also choose product or service that is unique in some way. You should check to ensure the company can handle the quick growth of the product orders and service performance.

Learn the compensation plan

You need to check if there is purchase requirement so you can consider the monthly investment. You can also ask the average yearly incomes. Get information about commissions are paid daily, weekly or monthly. Weekly commission is the best. You will get quick and consistent pay.

Find the type of training that is offered.

Training is very important for you to advance your skill in building and developing the business.

If you find many MLM companies that meet the criteria, you should use your instincts to take a final decision. If you feel the company is right, you are ready to start your career in network marketing.

Viral Crypto Legit Business or Just Scam?

Recently, Viral Crypto has been booming on the internet. Many people are hyping this business opportunity in many places, including several social media. You may ever hear that Viral Crypto is a scam. Some people say Viral Crypto is not legit. I will tell you the information that I got from many reviews about this business opportunity. You can decide by yourself about this company.

Viral Crypto is very new system. But, the report stated that it has had many members. Its member is almost 1000. There is no much information about this system. There is an indication that this system is founded by Randolph Taylor. From the bio on the website, Taylor is an online entrepreneur for last many years. He is very enthusiastic to help others so he creates Viral Crypto.

He has many experiences in several online fields like in PH programs, Rev Shares, Online hops, Forex selling online, Affiliate Marketing, and others. Taylor is an Italian. There is a possibility that Viral Crypto is run from Italy. There is no detail information about the address of Viral Crypto.

So far, Viral Crypto has no retail products or services. Usually, product lines are very important for MLM companies. Product lines will let the outside money through retail sales. Retail sales will happen if you have a product to sell to the customers. Without a product line, you won’t have retail sales. It means that you won’t have solid source of revenue to keep the company afloat. But, Viral Crypto has chosen that they do not need product. Viral Crypto funds the company wholly through the investments that they get from their members. By skipping the product line, the company can launch easily.

The membership of Viral Crypto is actually free. But, if you want to start earning cash with the matrix system, you should make investment of at least 0.03263 BTC. The investment is a gift for the other member who is already in the company. You can upgrade the level if you want to get more money. In its compensation plan, you are able to get paid if you gift certain amount of bitcoin to the existing Viral Crypto member.

You will get the gifting payments too from your members. The system is tracked in a 2 by 5 matrix compensation plan. It means that every member has 2 positions under the 5 levels. Totally, there are 62 positions.All payments are each month. The payments are:

At the first level, you should give 0.03263 BTC to the member who has recruited you.
You will get the same amount of Bitcoin
(0.03263 BTC) from 2 members.
At the second level, you should give 0.05 BTC to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.05BTC) from 4 members.
At the third level, you should give 0.1305 BTC to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.1305 BTC) from 8 members.
At the fourth level, you should give 0.6527 BTC to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (0.6527 BTC) from 16 members.
At the fifth level, you should give 3 BTC to the member who has recruited you. You will get the same amount of Bitcoin (3 BTC) from 32 members.

Is Viral Crypto Scam? Check This Out

Viral Crypto is a donation program that was launched on September 2016. It is a new system, but it can achieve many members in a short time. According to the report, this program will reach 1000 members. It means that there are many people who want to join this program.

Viral Crypto is available globally. Wherever you are, you can join Viral Crypto as long as you have internet connection and Bitcoin wallet. You should also have willingness to donate each month to get donation. You will get donation from the other people that you invite. It seems that Viral Crypto gives a good prospect to earn money. Is Viral Crypto a scam or legit company? You should gather much information to get the answer.

There is only little information about the founder and the people who runs the site. Mr. Taylor is the only one name that is considered as the name of the owner. As stated by the site, Mr. Taylor is an online entrepreneur. Mr. Taylor is from Italy. There is big possibility that Viral Crypto is run from Italy. But, the report stated that almost half of the traffic is appearing from India. But, there is no clear information about the address where the office of Viral Crypto is located.


Once you have recruited, you should recruit 2 people directly under you. After getting two people, you can place other people under your first line. You are paid by getting the people you recruit to donate their money to you. If you have filled the 62 positions, you can stop or sign up again all members using different account. Viral Crypto site permits you to make several accounts but they should not be linked to the similar account. You are paid one time a month in a sum of all the members under you.

There are five levels in Viral Crypto. For the level 1, you should pay 03263 BTC for someone who recruited you. You should get two members, and each of them will give you 03263 BTC. At the level 5, you should pay 3 BTC. You will get 3 BTC from 32 members.

When scrolling the Viral Crypto page, you may notice that it still lacks of English. You can also find several words that must be capitalized but they are not. There are several sentences that make no common sense of grammatically speaking.

Considering the product, there is no product that is sold on the site. This program has no product. You just need to pay your upper member and you will be paid by your below member. It is still not clear whether Viral Crypto is a scam or legit.

Viral Crypto does not provide refunds. The system is only about giving and receiving donations. Actually, it has no a business plan. The money for the transactions is not the real money. The real money should be turned into bitcoins. The difference of this site and other gift-giving sites is you can sign up more than one account. Though Viral Crypto is claimed as a non-profit organization, there is a possibility that this organization gets something from the members who are signed up.

Viral Crypto: How It Works

How Viral Crypto Works

Viral Crypto is now famous in many places. It is a new program, but many people have known it. Do you know Viral Crypto? It was started on 16th September 2016. It is a donation program that allows the members to give their donation willingly in each month in return obtain donation. Viral Crypto is quickly approaching one thousand members. Recently, it has 961 members. It means it only needs 39 members to get 1000 members. The system Viral Crypto is stable and secured.

You may have question, how Viral Crypto works. When joining Viral Crypto, you join a society of concurring members who are keen on donating to each other. You will get a chance to donate on each month willingly to the members who have invited you to be a member. You are able to get willing donation from the people you invite to be the members. You can join Viral Crypto by asking the person who has invited you to give you her/his own unique link. You can use that link to sign up.

Viral Crypto is available worldwide. It is available for everyone with a Bitcoin wallet, internet connection, and the enthusiasm to donate and to obtain donation. If you have those three things, you can be Viral Crypto member. Viral Crypto only uses Bitcoin to make the members easy to donate each other. You are not recommended to stack the account.

The example of stacking is you make another private account under your previous account. It is considered as unethical practice.
There will be no refunds. The donations are given willingly and freely. Viral Crypto does not have control toward the donations transferred among the members. You may find due date. It is the date of your next payment for the level that is unpaid. You can upgrade your level at any time.

The sooner you can upgrade you won’t miss out any donations. Everyone is able to get unique experience in this system. If there is a member below you on a level can upgrade fast, you will miss the donations for the level that you have not upgraded. You should find your own 2 people to join you. You can help them to get their two people to develop your team.

Viral Crypto system is like pyramid scheme. But, it is quite different. A pyramid scheme represents that just the top members who get paid. Viral Crypto lets each member to get the same amount earnings by accomplishing the same amount of work. You can get more donations than the member who invited you. You should donate for every level in each month if you want to get donations from each level monthly.

Viral Crypto and Everything Behind It You Should Know

This is a money making a scheme for this business. you can get some information from the Viral Crypto reviews, but here is the explanation. After you joining the level 1 up line’s referral link you will pay your upline for 0.03 BTC per month.

It I did to make it be in a position to receive the same from each of your level 1 downlines. It seems like the pure MLM now. The problem is the pure cash gifting and the real donation sites do not have compensation plans. Since there are no products and all people can do is only recruit people to get the bitcoins, many people do not suggest you join this kind of business.

Many Viral Crypto reviews talked about the difficulties to do the recruitment. One recruitment slows down here and you will get your payments. What do you think to join the business with someone you do not know at all? There is no service and product, so what would you like to do with yourself? To recruits, someone on the internet is not as easy as back your hand. Therefore, it is better for you to think again about your decision in joining this business.

In this Viral Crypto reviews, you will know about the payment method for it. in level 1, there will be gift 0.03263 BTC to the affiliate who recruited you. In level 2, it requires 0.05 BTC giving payment. In the level 3, it requires 0.1305 BTC gifting payment, in level 4, it requires 0.6527 BTC gifting payment, and in the last level, level 5, it requires 3 BTC gift payment. Is it look like a simple method so far?

Now, it is back to each person requirement. Viral Crypto reviews most of them will not recommend you to join this kind of business because everything about it is unclear. Believe it that you will get no profits when you join this business, except if you have a big family and all of them want to help you in placing their position as your downline.

Maybe it similar to the money game. Therefore, are you ready with the kind of things called money game? When you are lucky, you will win, but when you are in the late of the fortune, you will get nothing or even bankrupt. Is it all that you want?

Viral Crypto Conclusion

You can rethink about it and make sure that you are on the right track of business so that you will not join the unreal business. you get nothing in this business. no services and no products. It is a kind of recruit and recruit, so you have to work every day with no fixed probability for you to get any profit every day. How to make people trust you and want to join this business with you?

Can you make your prospect trust to anything you say? Let us think smart about it. you should understand the work behind this business.